• Distributing

    SEVENSEN distributes its products through ship chartering, shipping agency, freight forwarding and transportation services and warehousing.
  • Delivering

    SEVENSEN deliver its products in ‘just in time’ way and in accordance with its agreements with consumers. In this case, SEVENSEN really focuses its activities in order to meet its vision and mission to the consumers. Hence, the principle of time and discipline shipments be properly addressed and executed by our company.
  • Packaging

    SEVENSEN products created and practically formed so that the consumers can more easily use and helped by the presence of SEVENSEN products. Products formed in a modern and follow trends to meet consumer needs and satisfaction not only in a benefit from, but also from the prestige model of the products which produced by SEVENSEN.
  • Producing

    SEVENSEN is a home industry producing household products to meet consumer needs which are increasing recently. Household products produced by SEVENSEN, focused according to the needs and satisfaction of consumers in Indonesia and was established in accordance with the taste and practicality that is needed in this age of globalization.